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Need Access Control?
Server & Email Issues?
Slow Internet?
High Phone Bills?
Security Breaches?
Need a Data Recovery?
Need CCTV Upgrade?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing brings choice.  Choice is how you want your business applications to run, choice in how to drive down costs, service delivery.  Infrastructure is no longer a traditional static datacenter, cloud computing offers flexibility on-demand networks that are rapidly provisioned..


Information Security is a trust relationship; we have a moral responsibility to protect our client sensitive data. PTS has many tool and techniques to provide situational security.  The first step to avoid a trap is to be aware of it.  Understanding network vulnerabilities in order to protect from internal and external threats is key to a successful defense.


ProTechnogy has Vast Knowledge on Mobility devices for your technology needs.

we can integrates all your smart devices to your network to access resources on the go.

Blackberry, Adroid, Apples IOS, IPad, IPhones,

Windows Mobile, Symbian etc....

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Quick Facts About Our IT Solutions.

ProTechnology is a managed services provider with no limit to one carrier, technology, or telephony solution.
Our company provides 24/7 managed support for all areas of your business’s technology services.
We provide free telecom audits, security evaluations, and website go-to market strategies.
Call us today!


2. Business Class VOIP

1. Managed IT Solutions

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